Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association (IMDIA)

The Leader of Supporting Industry in ASEAN

Since its establishment on February 22, 2006, IMDIA’s main activity priority has been the development of human resources in the mold/die sector and has contributed to the development of supporting industries in Indonesia.
However, Indonesia’s domestic economy is not in good shape due to the impact of the decline in global trade.
With these circumstances, it is clear that Indonesia has a large population bonus and development factors that other countries do not have. IMDIA itself is a mutual cooperation organization with the motto “Developing supporting industries” based on “friendship” and “mold & die” as the tie. Therefore, we invite all parties who work in supporting industries to sweat for the sake of the progress of the Indonesian state with us.

Activity Content

  1. Eliminate management, technology and capability gaps through exchanges between members.
  2. Collecting and transmitting the world’s newest mold die & casting technology information.
  3. Supporting capacity and technology improvement through planning and organizing workshops, seminars, factory visits, and others.
  4. Raise and analyze the general problem points of members and direct the solutions to their solutions.
  5. As a result, trying to increase the percentage of locally procured mold & die Indonesia.

List of IMDIA’s Director & Auditor


Mr. Makoto Takahashi

Mr. Djajadi Wikara

Mr. Marga Tahar

Mr. Heru Santoso

Mr. J. Budiyono

Mr. Tatawiria Kolopaking

Mr. Ignatius Hotman

Mr. Peter Sutanto

Mr. Efendi

Mr. Amran Alamsyah

Mr. Bambang Suharto

Mr. Surijanto Santoso

Mr. Suhaili

Mr. Novi Granito

Mr. Takeshi Asano

Mr. Daniel Suhardiman


PT. KMK Plastics Indonesia

PT. Asalta Mandiri Agung

PT. Takagi Sari Multi Utama

Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association

PT. Mekar Armada Jaya

PT. Galih Sekar Sakti

PT. Peace Industrial Packaging

PT. Techno Indonesia

PT. Astra Otoparts

PT. Sinar Putra Metalindo

PT. Ataka Technology Indonesia

PT. Santoso Teknindo

PT. Allindo Coin Mas Era

PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor

PT. Indonesia EPSON Industry

PT. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia



Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Secretary General













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Upcoming Events

8 May, 2023

Grinding Machine Level Basic & Middle Workshop

IMDIA will carry out training on manual milling machine level 3 and 2 at the Hi-tech mold & die center. Starting this year the training is divided into 2 stages, the first stage is offline training. Participants will be taught how to make workpieces according to predetermined standards. the second stage the participants will conduct training independently and report the results of the workpieces that have been made.

17 May, 2023

IMDIA General Meeting 2023

Every year IMDIA holds a General Meeting as the opening of IMDIA activities at the beginning of each new fiscal year. At this general meeting, representatives of all active IMDIA members were present to find out IMDIA’s achievements in the past year and plans for this year. This year the general meeting will be held on 17 May 2023 at the IMDIA Secretariat. We will wait your attend it.

6 June, 2023

Press Die Maintenance Basic Workshop

In June 2023 IMDIA will carry out press die maintenance basic training. This training will take place at IMDIA member companies, namely PT Mekar Armada Jaya and PT Trimitra Chitrahasta. The content of the training is the basics of doing dies maintenance and counter measure problems on dies. The training will be held for two days with a target of 12 participants in each batch.