Admission Guide


  • Corporate Member: Corporation, Companies and Related instance that manufacture and or sell of Mold & Dies, and companies that run a business by using mold & dies.
  • Individual Member: A person who approve the purpose of the association and cooperation in the business.


  • The problem of companies that manufacture, sell and use mold & dies in Indonesia. (Problem solving and development position in the administration of the mold & dies)
  • Exchange strengthening the technology between the Association Mold & Dies Industry and skill power improvement. (Technological investigation, research and promotion of individual expertise).
  • Held various survey related on mold/die industries.

Membership Annual Fee

After completing the registration process, please pay the membership annual fee promptly.

  • Individual Member : Annual membership fee is IDR 500,000
  • Corporate Member: Details based on the number of permanent employees who connected with production/ selling/ using/ maintenance of mold/die.  
Number of EmployeesAnnual FeeParticipants
2-200 peopleIDR 2,000,0003 People
201-500 peopleIDR 3,000,0004 People
501-1000 peopleIDR 4,000,0005 People
More than 1000 peopleIDR 5,000,0006 People
Training, seminar and workshop participant different based on the number of employees.

Secreatariat of Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association (IMDIA)

Mr. Makoto Takahashi (for Japanese) , email: or Ms. Faradilla for (Indonesian), email:

Jl. Raya Bogor KM 29 Jakarta 13710 Indonesia. Phone. 021-870-2852     

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